7 Reasons That Will Motivate You To Travel

8 November 2018

1. Start Following Travel Accounts on Social Media

We are so lucky to have unlimited access to all kinds of information and content on travel through social media, such as Instagram, Youtube and Mapify. What’s most influential about social media is that these accounts are mostly held by regular people like us. I’m not talking about celebrity pages of course. There is nothing more motivational than  to see other people’s travel photographs or videos, if we can relate to them even though we don’t know them personally. This is how I still motivate myself too! If they can do it, you can do it too!

Monterosso Al Mare

2. Start Reading Travel Blogs

This one is related to the previous point. Don’t just look at photographs or watch videos, start reading about the personal experiences of these travellers as well. You may find out very useful information for your next trip. You may even plan your next trip after reading a great post. There are plenty of travel blogs and I promise there is no way you wouldn’t find a post about a specific location that you’re looking for. You may even start your own blog one day.

Madrid Ghost Town, New Mexico

3. Start Making Research About Different Cuisines

Traveling doesn’t only bring the opportunity to walk in different streets or taking photographs of touristic monuments but it also brings the opportunity to taste different cuisines. There is a rich variety of cuisine around the globe. They differ not only in different countries but also in different regions of those countries. Wouldn’t you like to eat Chinese food in China, or sushi in Japan or Indian food in India?


4. Start Making Research About Different Cultures

While you’re making research about different cultures around the globe, why don’t you also try to find out about different cultures? Cuisine is definitely a big part of a country’s culture, but not all of it. People wear different clothes, have different traditions, listen to different music, they even treat their guests in different manners around the globe. Aren’t you excited to find out about all those varieties?

5. Start Telling Your Travel Stories

You can have your own travel stories to tell your friends instead of having to listen to theirs all the time. Listening to stories is nice but telling your own story is even better. Don’t forget that the best stories come from personal experiences. It’s time that you started living your life and sharing it with the others.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

6. Start Saving Money Now

I can hear you saying “I don’t have enough money to travel” but I don’t accept it as an excuse. You may not have enough money right now but you can start saving and have enough money in the future. Plus, if you plan your trip in advance and make intelligent choices (low budget airline companies, hostels, etc.) trust me you won’t have to spend as much money as you fear.

7. Start Following Promotions of Airline Companies

This one is related to the intelligent choices I’ve talked about in the previous point. You wouldn’t believe how much I had paid for some airplane tickets that I had bought during promotions. I’m not even talking about low budget companies. Don’t underestimate the promotions and start chasing them. I’m sure you will find something for you.

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