The Most Beautiful Town on Germany’s Romantic Road: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

16 August 2018

It all started last fall when my now husband then fiancé made it clear that he wanted our next trip to be somewhere where we could see some snow. We are actually used to having lots of snow in Istanbul, where we live, during winter, but last year was an exception. This is why we went to Germany’s Romantic Road to chase the snow.

To be honest, I haven’t heard about the Romantic Road until I started to make some research regarding different regions of Germany. I have seen many photos from Rothenbourg ob der Tauber but I had no idea it was a part of the Romantic Road. Long story short, the Romantic Road is a scenic road that connects historic towns in Bavaria. The Romantic Road is approximately 350 km long, so if you wish to make the whole itinerary, a long weekend won’t be enough taking into account the time you will spend in each town. Having said that you can also draw you own itinerary by picking the towns you want to visit. This is actually what we had done.

Our priority was to visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber and we planned our journey accordingly. The nearest airport is Stuttgart, which is approximately 140 km away. On your way to Rothenburg o.d.t. there are three stops that you shouldn’t miss:  Waiblingen, Backnang and Schwabish Hall. New posts on these towns will be online soon.

We arrived in Rothenburg o.d.t. when it was already dark in the evening. But we were lucky to wake up to a snowy morning the next day. This picturesque little town surrounded by medieval walls looked like a real fairy tale under the snow. While wondering around the town, we had the feeling that they didn’t change a thing. Even the signs of hotels and shops were in harmony with the historical scenery of the town.

The biggest square of the old town is Markplatz (Market Square), where one of Europe’s most famous and beautiful Christmas market takes place every year. In Markplatz you will also see one of the most beautiful buildings in Rothenburg that is the Town Hall, built by a local builder.

 The white pretty building with a big clock on its façade is the Ratstrinkstube (Councilor’s Tavern) that serves now as the Tourism Office.

St James’ Church is the most important and tallest church of Rothenburg, dated 1485.

I won’t give you a list of all the monuments here, as I’d like you to discover the town by yourself. Don’t worry, if you walk along all the streets opening to Markplatz, there is no way you will miss a thing.

Rothenburg o.d.t.’s cobblestone streets and beautiful pastel colored half-timbered houses are very beautiful. This is one of those towns where there is only one street or one square that is nice and you keep seeing the same photos all over the social media. on every corner there is a beautiful house, a nostalgic shop or an old gate.

If you’re interested in guided walking tours, evening walk with the Nightwatchman is definitely an attraction for you. You can ask the Tourism Office or your hotel for more details.


Where to eat?

Zur Höll (Burggasse 8, 91541). Pork ribs and apple strudel are highly recommended.

Restaurant Alter Keller (Alter Keller 8, 91541). Try the goulash!

Backerei Striffler (Untere Schmiedgasse 1, 91541,). For breakfast and coffee break.

Speaking of food, while I was planning our trip, I read some blogs and articles about Rothenburg o.d.t and they were all recommending this dessert called Schneeballen, meaning snow ball. Once we arrived there I could tell that Schneeballen was really very popular desert as different colors and types of this dessert covered the all patisserie windows. However, it was a total disappointment for us. We really didn’t like it. If you ask my opinion, stick with the strudels.

Where to stay?

Romantik Hotel Markustrum. When you arrive at the hotel, you are shown two or three rooms and you can pick your favorite room among them. We first thought that since we went there off-season they were making a gesture by giving us different room options. But it turned out that this is what they do with all the customers. Rooms are very large and comfortable. Breakfast is delicious and you will have a chance to taste different types of German bread. Another good thing about this hotel is that you can drive up to the front of the hotel and they take care of the parking for you.

Romantik Otel Markustrum


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