Welcome to the Largest Street Art Festival: Upfest Bristol

5 September 2017

On the 29th of July, more than three hundred artists came from all over the world for Upfest and they coloured up the streets of Bristol for three days. It would have been a shame not to visit these arts made during Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival while I was in Bristol with my boyfriend. We managed to take pictures of almost all the street arts as a result of a two day walk around Bedminster.

Bedminster is a neighbourhood in the south of Bristol where you wouldn’t probably visit if you didn’t have a good reason. Festivals such as Upfest help these neglected and unattractive areas to attract big crowds and I bet that Bedminster will be one of the coolest and most popular neighbourhoods in Bristol in a couple of years.


Amazingmorph & Cheograff



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