A Greek Island Where You Feel Like In An Italian Movie – Kastellorizo

6 September 2017

Among all the Greek islands, Katellorizo is the farest one to Greece and the closest to Turkey. I guarantee that you will fall in love the mimnute the ferry enters in the harbour and you see those pastel colors houses alongside the sea. I went to Kastellorizo the last summer for the first time and once I started to talk about it with friends, I realized that each one of its visitors has left this tiny island with good memories.

The easiest way to go to Kastellorizo is by taking the ferries from Kaş, a seaside city on the Mediterranian cost of Turkey. There are two companies operating the ferries and it takes about twenty minutes to go from Kaş to Kastellorizo. The moment everyone in the ferry gets up from their chairs and start to take pictures of the colourful houses and the historical mosque you should know that you are almost there. The harbour is in the centre of the island so you may start to walk along the seaside without wasting any time. I recommend you to have a nice cold frappe at Meltemi Cafe before you jump to the water. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the sea as there is a good chance that you might see a carretta carretta looking at you.

You can swim weherever you want but there are not beaches on the island. But if you are looking for deck chairs and an umbrella, you should go to the Megisti Hotel, where you can get all of these for only three euros. If you want to stay in the island for a couple of days, Megisti is definitely one of the hotels that I would recommend you.

A must-see in Kastellorizo is the Agios Georgos Church. You can get there by following the signs of “castle” after a short walk.

To Stay – I would recommend either the Mediterraneo or the Megisti Hotel near the sea.

Another tip before you go to Kastellorizo – watch the Oscar awarded movie “Mediterraneo”.

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